An integrated approach to movement and hands-on education.

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BMC provides me with powerful resources to bring to my developmental movement practice. I strongly recommend that others take as many BMC courses as possible to support their own embodied understanding of the Basic Neurocelluar Patterns of Movement, as well as their skills observing and facilitating infants and adults. Courses like Fluid, Skeletal, Organ, and Endocrine Systems make it juicy! So join these courses, it is very much worth it!  -Eliza Parker

The Kinesthetic Learning Center (KLC) is licensed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and the School for Body-Mind Centering to offer BMCSM certification programs and courses in Somatic Movement Education (500 hours), Infant Developmental Movement Education (250 hours), and BMC Practitioner Training (500 hours) in the United States.

KLC is a BMCA, ISMETA & NCBTMB CE Approved Provider